Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just starting out on your voiceover journey, Nancy Wolfson can teach you a thing or two.
With over two decades’ experience building voiceover artists’ careers, Nancy is at the very peak of her profession, and VO coaching is her core focus.
Her US workshops are in huge demand, and now, back by popular demand, she’s conducting her second exclusive session in the UK, where she’ll be sharing two of the most widely acclaimed chapters from her University-accredited coursework.
Below, Nancy explains why this course is vital for all voice artists, new and not-so-new.



"Too many genuinely talented Talent are getting close but not hired (enough) in Voiceover.  
They don't know what they don't (yet) know about Acting for ADVERTISING.
Even BBC pros and Oscar-winning actors send me their "commercial performances" and cleanly miss delivering what is needed.
What IS needed?
Volume vs Urgency. 
"The Millennial" thing. 
Deciphering clumsy direction. 
Operative words; which beats we'd never hit in life or on stage, and which beats we ought not to hit in an ad.
How to subtly compel a sale entirely unseen.
Sitting at the intersection of tens of thousands of auditions and booking who is chosen, I've deciphered the patterns that help you be more useful to us casting folk, writers, and producers hiring voice actors today."

"It works. My students book work. This coursework has proven to pay for itself."

"I will share 2 KEY private coursework chapters which my UK students cite as "best proof of value."
The first, my foundation concept. It has very little to do with acting. The second, a slightly inappropriate, wildly fun text-unscrambling trick. One voice talent described it as her 'GPS for your read.'”


With US industry trends often a couple of years ahead of the UK, this is a great opportunity to find out what’s coming down the pipe, and get yourself in front of not only one of the world’s most experienced VO coaches and casting agents, but also UK voiceover agent Pete Gold of Excellent Talent.


Sunday 9th June 2019. 10h00 - 17h00.

(Saturday 8th June now sold out)

• 7 hours of coaching with Premiere Global Coach.
• Q & A with 2 major Opportunity Providers.
• Lunch & Afternoon refreshments provided.
• Top UK top voiceover Agent present.
• Many actionable techniques.
• Exclusive offer: 12 students max.

Tickets: £350.00 (+ VAT)

Come learn with us at The London Marriott Hotel County Hall.

Please note:

If you're already studying with Nancy in private sessions,

this might be material you've already covered or are set to do with her in your private sessions. 

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*Nancy’s one-to-one sessions are £150.00 ($190 USD) for 50 minutes. Currently, she has a 6 week waiting list. This is a unique opportunity to spend 7 hours with her for only £350.00. A value of nearly £900.
Please note, in case of cancellation, tickets are non-refundable. However, if we are able to re-sell your ticket, we will reimburse you 80% of the ticket price.

The Boardroom, London Marriott County Hall.

The Boardroom, London Marriott County Hall.

The London Marriott Hotel, County Hall.

The London Marriott Hotel, County Hall.